LiGHT from Leaders is a foundation that pursues its statutory goals by conducting:

  • activities supporting the development of institutions operating for the public good, in various areas of life, such as science, education, entrepreneurship, economic development and others;
  • international cooperation for economic development, entrepreneurship, markets, education, the exchange of information, promotion of the country, with an emphasis on cooperation in the Central and Eastern Europe region, in particular by rewarding entities that stand out in financial markets;
  • research, publishing, information and educational programs to acquire, disseminate and promote market knowledge, economic, legal and similar phenomena;
  • scholarship programs and training for specialists and academic communities in the fields of economics, economy, finance, law, commerce and the like;
  • cyclical LiGHT conference for environments related to business and entrepreneurship;
  • meetings for business people and managers related to the subjects of conscious leadership, leadership and management;
  • publications related to leadership.


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