Case study „Double Challenge”

A Double Challenge, in other words, how leaders can take advantage of their position and skills to undertake socially important tasks, while simultaneously realizing their passions and dreams.

Social organizations, as a rule oriented towards grants and subsidies, are very sensitive to unstable economic situations as well as the disappearance of funding sources. Their loss is a threat to the existence of the organization, which often carries out an important social mission. That’s why it is especially important to support entrepreneurial action in this sector, action that provides an opportunity to build financial independence. This is where a great role is played by business and its leaders. As is shown by the activity of the Double Challenge Fund – each party benefits and can achieve their own goals.

Double Challenge Marek Rybiec


In March 2018, the Academy of Philanthropic Development in Poland created a venture philanthropy fund, the Double Challenge Fund, based on two aspects: an ecosystem of competent support in the form of the Pro Bono Leaders Coalition (former CEO-volunteers Coalition) as well as fund-raising that consists of combining sporting and social challenges.
There was also a proposition concerning the activities of leaders who could combine a social objective with their own business activities or private passions – e.g. sports, becoming the hero of a given challenge.

Double Challenge Marek Rybiec


The first Double Challenge hero is Marek Rybiec, CEO of iWealth Management and member of the Pro Bono Leaders Coalition, who had his dream – to run 4 ultra-marathons in the “4 Deserts” series in 2018. He decided to combine his own challenge with a valuable social goal – to obtain 100,000 PLN for the development and purchase of medical equipment for the treatment of pain in the Saint Christopher Oncology Hospice Foundation in Warsaw.
This was the first part of this Double Challenge. During all the ultra-marathons, Marek’s friends, work colleagues, business partners and others observing his social media profiles supported him by donating funds into a special account. Moreover, the challenge was joined by other heroes who, while participating in their own sport events and encouraging their friends to contribute, also helped the collection for the Oncology Hospice Foundation (OHF). These were: Marek Jurkiewicz – CEO of and member of the Pro Bono Leaders Coalition, Marek Wikiera – CEO of Umbrella Holding Sp. z o.o., Marta Różacka – co-owner of Puma Sport Center, Dawid Dybol, and also Józef Kącki – CEO of Leaders Island, who, while organizing a business conference, designated the proceeds from a special pool of tickets to the OHF.


The second part of the Double Challenge – equally important, and perhaps even more important that the fund-raising itself – consisted of creating a team of experts from some CEOs in the Pro Bono Leaders Coalition. They had the task of creating a strategy for the development and maintenance of the Pain Treatment Ward of OHF in successive years. During a few meetings, the leaders shared with the board of the Foundation the most important things they have – their knowledge and experience, consulting and advising during the creation of necessary plans.

Double Challenge Marek Rybiec


The result?

The challenge heroes realized their own goals from their sporting passions.
They had additional motivation because they acted on behalf of a valuable social organization.
Over 110,000 PLN was collected and designated towards the financing of equipment for the Pain Treatment Ward of OHF, which many patients have already used.
The work of the team of experts has helped to significantly improve the financial results of the Ward and the perspective of stable growth.


The presented example of the Double Challenge is quite extreme. However, all people, all leaders, have many opportunities to set their own challenges – greater or smaller – and combine them with social objectives, which will also be supported by their skills. They can also join a new challenge that was recently announced by the Double Challenge Fund – the creation of the Piotr Pawłowski Fund, which will be supported by active leaders helping those with disabilities. This project is supported by the Pro Bono Leaders Coalition.

Liderzy Pro Bono
Marek Rybiec

Marek Rybiec

Marek Rybiec, CEO of iWealth Management, who completed the 4 Deserts ultramarathon series, supports the Executive Volunteering Society.
A financial expert who was the head of Skarbiec TFI, gathering PLN 18 billion in capital, and is currently the CEO of iWealth Management. During the last year, he participated in the 4 Deserts series, in other words, ultramarathons through four deserts in the world, each lasting 250 km. In this way, he collected funds for the purchase of medical equipment necessary for treatment in the Pain Relief Clinic of Saint Christopher’s Oncological Hospice Foundation in Warsaw, he actively supports the Coalition Volunteering Society.