High-Performing ‘Team-ness’

Does the group have personality? Do you know what matters for all group and each member? How should a leader care about that?

John Scherer

John Scherer

An officer of the US navy, pastor, psychologist, consultant and entrepreneur. The author of bestsellers, including “Five Questions that Change Everything: Life Lessons at Work”, which is described as the best book concerning business development that has ever been written.

The best managers from 28 countries have attended his Program for the Development of Management and Leadership Skills.

His practical experience comes out of cooperation with such firms as Boeing, Exxon, Ford, Marriott, Microsoft, Siemens, Hewitt, Amway and DHL, as well as the government of Canada. In Poland, he has provided support for the boards of such companies as Orlen, Netia, AMRest and PLAY.